Take Break And Enjoy The Travel

It might seem counterintuitive to leave work, and take a break in order to work BETTER, more happily, and efficiently—but the truth is, even people who are content in their jobs can benefit from taking a step back to reflect, take a breath, and enjoy life!

(Travel is also one of the “investments” in life that you always get a big return on, in my oh-so-humble opinion. Always worth it! Always pays off!)
Whether or not it’s WISE depends on your work situation. Are you an employer—will your employees get along without you? Are you employed—will your employer understand that you need to get away, and will your job be waiting for you when you get back. If you’re not sure, are you willing to quit your job to travel?
There is also a financial consideration in this situation. Do you have enough money saved to cover all travel expenses (plus emergency funds), and then some if you plan on job hunting when you return?

If you have all these questions covered, then you’re well on your way. Taking time away from work for personal and professional development is more common than you think.  Everyone needs a sabbatical. Working non stop is not healthy. A trip away from your busy world helps you get a better perspective on things, helps you relax and come back fresher and stronger.
 Highly recommend if you have any anxieties about justifying a work break. Good luck and safe travels!

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